[wp-hackers] comment management

Scott Merrill skippy at skippy.net
Wed Jan 4 14:03:22 GMT 2006

How many people click the "Edit Post" link below each comment listed on
edit-comments.php?  I don't think I've ever clicked that link.

I've long wanted the ability to click _something_ on edit-comments.php
and be taken straight to that comment, rather than being taken to the
top post to which the comment is applied and then scrolling down.

I'm looking at submitting a patch, but I don't want to clutter the
interface.  Personally, I'd rework the bottom line of each comment
listed in edit-comments.php to look something like this:

Posted Jan 3, 9:53 PM | View | Edit | Delete — Posted on “Foobar”

View would take you to that specific comment; Edit would edit the
comment; and Delete would delete the comment.  The post title would be a
link to the post's permalink.

Alternately, one could make the comment's date a link to the comment
itself, but that seems less intuitive.

Anyone have any better suggestions?

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