[wp-hackers] Can we do anything about PAGE SEACRH?

Peak Discharge chmoka at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 11:49:00 GMT 2006

OK, this is a very touchy subject for me (and for many others, I'm sure).
Now that a new rewrite system has been introduced in WP 2.0 that doesn't
rape the server when you have a LOT of pages, a whole new range of
possibilities is now open to webmasters. Me, for one thing, I am now working
on a game database site that will use pages as main information holders.
This will mean hundreds of pages. Yet there's only one problem: how to
search them?

Currently, there is no good page search plugin. The ones we have find stuff
that people didn't search for (this especially applies to sites using
non-latin characters), don't paginate search results (imagine if I search
for word 'platform' that will be on almost every single one of the pages on
my site), show entire page in results (this make viewing results a pain),
and so on.

This is why I am writing here in hopes that somebody might write one.
Suggested features (as mentioned above):

- Quality Page Search, that will fully support non-latin characters
- Paginating search results
- Ability to choose number of results per page in options
- Cutting off results after so and so many characters (can be settable in
- Support for feed output
- Clean integration with current search system
- WP 2.0 support of course :)

Anyway, hope this will encourage some of the coders in the community to
write a plugin like this. There will be a lot of demand for it.

PS: I have also created a topic in support forums. Please feel free to
answer here or there: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/54221?replies=1

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