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Roy Schestowitz r at schestowitz.com
Mon Jan 2 07:41:05 GMT 2006

_____/ On Mon 02 Jan 2006 07:07:41 GMT, [Aaron Brazell] wrote : \_____

>> In principle, you could also make use of the memory (e.g. the clipboard).
> What on earth are you talking about? The clipboard? As in Windows? 
> What about for non-Windows users?

They have a Clipboard Tool as well. Mac OS has it; KDE uses Klipper to 
retain a
stack of clipboards; older window managers have one too. I said "in principle"
because I don't believe this to be a good solution.

>> Dumping copies to volatile memory wouldn't enable recovery from reboots.
>> It
>> will, however, compensate for browser crashes, editting 'hiccup' and so
>> forth.
> What do you think "the clipboard" is?  Maybe you're referring to the 
> pagefile? That's also volatile memory... I'm lost...

The clipboard is somewhat of a memory frame. And yes, they are all 
volatile, but
there have been times in the past when I lost work not due to a power 
outage. As
long as your work is somewhere in memory, you can pull it back. The 
question is:
should it be written to a remote computer (server) or should it be 
saved locally
somehow? Cookies are local, hidden fields are remote. What if you lose 
your post
because the server has just gone down? Some hosts are unreliable.

>> I initially thought about a reserved post slug, which only serves as an
>> emergency copy, a last resort. This doesn't have to be anything
>> mission-critical. Users would happy enough be restore /any/ bit of lost
>> work.
> If it has a post slug, or even just an ID which is what unpublished 
> works have, then it has been saved to the database. Or are we 
> referring to the clipboard again?

No, I was referring to an issue that was discussed before -- the issue 
of having
orphan posts in the database (these which used to be backups).

>> I wonder if mouse motion can somehow be detected without JavaScript
>> obtrusion.
>> It might be useful here.
> Only through Flash. Anything you do along these lines needs to 
> incorporate javascript in some way if it is on the client side.
> I'm not trying to be hostile and I don't mean to discourage your 
> contributions.
> Anyways...

I know, I know. No hard feelings.

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