[wp-hackers] Autosave

Andy Skelton skeltoac at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 07:21:17 GMT 2006

On 1/2/06, Roy Schestowitz <r at schestowitz.com> wrote:
> It's important never to suggest recovery under the wrong circumstances.
> If that
> happens, it can result in data /loss/ rather than recovery. How to actually
> detect crahes is a whole different matter which is equally important.

The bucket would be cleared every time the user saved or published. On
detecting the non-empty bucket, the Write screen would be topped by a
little box with a message and some links. The message could be worded
something like this:

Did you lose your work? Autosave contains XX bytes. <Recover> or
<Erase> (Autosave disabled until you click one)

<Recover> would populate the post_content. <Erase> would empty the bucket.

Until the clicked one or the other, the Autosave interval feature
would be disabled. This would keep the bucket safe from accidental
overwriting. It would incidentally keep the user from using the bucket
as a place for drafts. It might also necessitate a "Discard" button to
prevent an abandoned post from bringing up the message.


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