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Wed Dec 27 17:27:22 GMT 2006

___/ On Wed 27 Dec 2006 16:59:21 GMT, [ Brian Layman ] wrote : \___

>> I  have  always thought that mailing list had some  implicit
>> exclusion  from  mail filters, but maybe it's no longer  the
>> case.
> Surely you can add your own white list, can't you?  The hacker list's
> subject line should be easy enough to allow through or you could just allow
> the ip address of the list server  1and1 has its own spam
> filter (which is what added the ***SPAM*** tag to the text above).  But it
> is wrong 99% of the time.  It's practically useless.

...Seems   like  it  requires  an  extension,  which   isn't
installed  by  default  (and these are not  my  Web  servers
either, so no luck there):


Later having a look at this...


Maybe you can figure something out. I suspect that I can add
filter rules at a level higher than SA.

I  finally  found  another  place where  Webspace  is  being
'leaked'.  I never realised that the whitelist file can grow
and  exceed 100MB of plain text. When will SPAM of  biblical
scale ever stop? Probably never. E-mail ceases to be a valid
method of communication. One misery at a time.

> So, I've written my own in PHP and cron it through my server.
> http://www.thecodecave.com/article288  Since the initial configuration, I've
> not gotten any false positives and now just purge the emails without even
> looking at them.  I suppose I should run it without purging now and then,
> but no one has ever complained about any missing emails.  So, I think I'm
> still pretty good.
> Email SPAM IS pretty far off topic to comment spam.  But I've got to ask...
> RE:
>> (Cringely on Earthlink E-mail)
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | Here is something I wish I were making up. A good friend of mine noticed
>> | last June a sudden and precipitous decline in his volume of incoming
>> | e-mail with the numbers dropping by 80-90 percent. Was he less popular,
>> | less interesting than before? Or maybe some Bayesian filter had been
>> | imposed by his ISP (Earthlink) to suddenly spare him completely from
>> | spam. No such luck.
>> `----
> Well..... What was the problem then????  Is this like a cliff hanger
> episode?
> OK found the reference..
> The end of the story:
> "Since June, he was told, EarthLink's mail system has been so overloaded
> that some users have been missing up to 90 percent of their incoming e-mail.
> It isn't bounced back to senders; it just disappears. And EarthLink hasn't
> mentioned the problem to these affected customers unless they complain. The
> two groups affected are those who get their mail with an EarthLink-hosted
> domain and those with aliased e-mail addresses like my friend's Blackberry."
> - http://www.pbs.org/cringely/pulpit/2006/pulpit_20061201_001274.html Dec.
> 01 2006

Sorry, I accidently forgot to append the link. This appeared
in Slashdot last month.

Best wishes,


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