[wp-hackers] A Link popup selector plugin

Tassoman (mailing) ml at tassoman.com
Fri Dec 15 22:37:58 GMT 2006

Il giorno ven, 15/12/2006 alle 09.23 -0600, Paul Menard ha scritto:
> Greetings all and Happy Friday!
> So I received a request from a client this week and have been doing  
> some digging. The request was to provide some facility in the Post/ 
> Pages editor screen to ad links to other entries. The concept here is  
> the user clicks on some toolbar icon like the current link icon on  
> the tinymce WYSIWYG. Instead of just asking for the link the user  
> would actually be able to select the link from Post/Pages/Links. Wow  
> what a novel idea. For the non-technical person the act of adding a  
> link to a page means they have to first get the link from an existing  
> page or whatever and past it into the link popup. Again I think this  
> is a great solution so I'm starting to think about some plugin/ 
> extension to tinymce.
> Just wondering if someone has seen or possibly created something  
> similar before I try and reinvent the wheel. I've gone through the  
> tinymce code and see that I can override the 'insertlink_callback'  
> option and basically define my own popup code. Just wondering if  
> someone has maybe gone down this road before me. If not no problem.

You should write not only for mce but only for ordinary posting page.
An hint would be a popup windows, showing a text input with just added
scriptaculos 's autocompletition (you write the text, it shows the

Blogging humanum est, Tassoman ovest.

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