[wp-hackers] RSS/Atom Feed Article Categories Gone

Michael B miklb.online at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 22:00:58 GMT 2006

On 12/13/06, Computer Guru <computerguru at neosmart.net> wrote:
> You asked a question, and I gave you a succinct and accurate reply, but if
> you really want the boring details, here goes:
> WP-Hackers is for discussing code and ideas pertinent to the evolution and
> future of WordPress. It's where we discuss/dissect code-ideas and the
> metaphysics of blogging. Cool?

OK, I'll bite... no it's not cool.  Why  are you (those you are associating
with in your we) so bloody special that you feel that this list is
specifically for "discussing/dissecting the metaphysics of blogging"?  I
didn't just start using WP, or start following it's development.  My
understanding, at least as it's described in the codex, the list is for "
Serious discussion that determines the future direction of the WordPress
codebase".  Not general blogging.  Not about using an alpha version of WP
for your everyday blogging.  You claim such experience, but from where I
sit, jumping to a conclusion about the latest build losing support for
categories in feeds while running plugins is a beginner mistake, not that
much unlike the one's you've mocked from the forums.  And I'm not a coder.

Keeping that in mind, my original thread to this list was asking for
> clarification/reasoning behind the dropping of a feature from 2.1. Like I
> said, I was "wrong" to continue the discussion here once I learned that it
> _wasn't_ in fact dropped from 2.1.
> Moreover, this is in keeping with the mood of the last couple threads
> discussing which plugins work and leading up to Andy's (very useful) post
> in
> the WP-Dev blog. If that doesn't qualify as WP-Hacker-compliant, I don't
> know what is.

And for the record, whomever made that post, it was only  2 days ago.
Unless I've missed a discussion in this list, nothing has been mentioned
publicly about a release date.  My assumption was sometime after the
holidays, but that means more than a month.  Unless a beta is going to be
dropped out without much notice, and a final release was planned for mid
Jan.  But that's still a month for plugin authors/theme developers to

The *original question* was 100% wp-hackers content. The follow-up threads
> were slightly OT. What more do you need? A written affidavit promising to
> never go OT in a thread again?

Thus my question about the difference between wp-testers, and  wp-hackers.
Also from the codex, "The wp-testers list is meant for people to discuss the
current nightly or alpha/beta version of wordpress. If you want to discuss
the latest nightly or a certain bug report left on the trac, feel free to
drop in."

At any rate, your complaints and this pointless email explaining the
> reasoning behind my only too-obvious mistake are probably pissing
> subscribers off more than the original question - esp. seeing as that was
> a
> 3-message-total,

count again.

while this conversation over how evil my actions were (even
> after I admitted it was a bit OT) have already taken-up twice that.

I never said evil, please do not put words in my mouth.  I  went so far as
to say  it wasn't meant as a flame or meant as  a call out.  But facts are
facts.  If you can not stand by your  comments  that I quoted, then perhaps
that 's something you  need to reevaluate.

My point is, if some regular joe/jane had posted this in the support forums,
they'd immediately be directed to wp-testers, and possibly be considered as
noise.  Why should anyone else be different?  Why have wp-testers if that's
not the purpose?  And back to my thread earlier, why not just move all these
discussions to the forums in the first place?

On 12/13/06, Aaron Brazell <emmensetech at gmail.com> wrote:
> I remember about a year ago I was roundly smacked around for claiming
> that wp-hackers was not for plugin discussion. In fact, it is. It's a
> place where we can "hack" WordPress. If you [Mike] want only
> development of the core, then my recommendation is to subscribe to wp-
> trac instead.

That's not my impression of this discussion.  This was not about about
plugin discussion, or code.  I rarely read trac, as I barely can hack around
PHP.  I was under the (false?) impression the greater, more general
discussion of what was being done with the code was for this list.  Trac was
for the actual changes/suggested code fixes that were being implemented.

And on that note, I'm off to see Lucero.


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