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Michael B miklb.online at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 20:38:13 GMT 2006

I saw that, and who's to say that she/they are not now doing so.  But
expecting full functionality with the alpha release goes against what the
"average" user is told.

Perhaps someone could chime in to explain then the difference between
wp-testers and wp-hackers.  I filter my lists in a fashion so my inbox stays
somewhat manageable.  Meaning that wp-testers moves onto a place I can
easily catch up when I have time.  I generally assume wp-hackers has more
pertinent content, and leave it in the inbox.

But getting threads such as this is, IMO, no different than threads like
"OMG MY SIDE BAR DROPPED" in the forums, which were hypercritically
criticized in a recent discussion on my suggestion of moving some of this
list to the forums.  At least in the forums, I can cruise right past a
thread title such as that if I'm not in the mood to say the same thing over.

Generally speaking, inquiring about plugins is one of the first questions
volunteers ask users in the forum when an apparent issue isn't easily
reproduced.  I'm not trying to be rude, but "computer guru" said in that

I wanted out. I found wp-hackers where we could discuss actually
> mind-boggling questions once in a while and laugh at the "how do I hack
> hotmail" emails without wasting my time and effort on something I have no
> control over.


The problem is, to answer *these* questions, you must wade through an entire
> avalanche of "OMG my sidebar fell" and "Oh Noes! How do I changed my
> domain
> name and now WP don't work!" threads.
> If there *was* a way to separate *genuine not-too-repetitive threads* from
> the I-refuse-to-google ones, I can promise that there certainly would be
> more involvement there. I for one would definitely drop by from time to
> time
> to answer and I'm sure many others will.
> It's really simple: find a way to separate the fluff from the real coder's
> deal and I'm sure many *will* go to *that section of the forums* and help.
> I know it's unfair: after all, how the bloody hell are you supposed to do
> that? I'm just giving you a realistic reason. Call it elitism or boredom,
> but that's the way it is, and bashing "elitists" won't get it fixed.

There were several other declarations such as these.

My goal is not call anyone out, but to again point out the exclusive nature
of this list, and desire to find a way to include those "average" users, or
those not familiar with this list.

But I could be wrong...


On 12/13/06, Matt Mullenweg <m at mullenweg.com> wrote:
> Michael B wrote:
> > Forgive me ignorance, but 2.1 isn't even beta yet, why the rush to have
> a
> > plugin author *fix* a plugin for a version that's not final?
> WP 2.1 is looking strong for a release after the holidays, plugin
> authors should begin updating their plugins immediately, and there is a
> post on the WP dev blog about this.
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