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Computer Guru computerguru at neosmart.net
Wed Dec 13 20:07:20 GMT 2006

I understand what you're saying - I originally believed that this was
"dropped functionality" and was inquiring as to the reasoning behind that.
Once I learned it _wasn't_ dropped, I guess the original purpose of the
thread was fulfilled - got carried away apparently ;)

Computer Guru
NeoSmart Technologies

> Forgive me if I sound sharp, but after a recent thread about "noise" in
> the
> support forums, and the need for intellectually stimulating
> conversation on
> wp-hackers, I find a thread of this nature on wp-hackers and not wp-
> testers
> as noise.  I monitor this list as a means to better know about WP, and
> to
> better be able to assist in the forums.  There have been numerous
> threads
> regarding plugins and compatibility with alpha/beta versions of WP, and
> since my time around, the answer has always been the same as the one
> I've
> already stated.  I'm not saying sharing the info with the author (in
> this
> case Christine, who has her own support forum for the plugin) is a bad
> idea,
> I just wonder if wp-hackers is the proper place for it.
> This not intended as a flame or to rehash the previous thread, just an
> observation.
> Michael

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