[wp-hackers] Link & post categories merge

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Sat Dec 2 23:50:43 GMT 2006

Brian Layman wrote:
> I decided to take some time and anwer the questions on the how-to form
> that hadn't had any responses yet.  When responding to one question,
> this thought came to mind:
> Posit: Released versions of WordPress's wp_list_cats command have an
> "issue" where a parent category having no posts will cause all children
> categories with posts to be hidden.  One accepted way around this is to
> change the wp_list_cats call to be wp_list_cats("hideempty=0") causing
> all of the categories to be displayed.
> Question:  What affect will this have after the merge?  Are all of the
> blogs that use this solution going to suddenly have a bazillion extra
> categories showing because there is no way to descriminate an empty post
> category from a category used exclusively for links?  Or has this
> already been handled?

As it stands, all categories would show.  The workaround could be 
removed, however, since it is no longer needed in 2,1.

We could have hide empty only show cats that are empty for both posts 
and links.  If there is a link count but no post count, it won't be 
listed.  If someone wants to create a patch for that we can try it out.


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