[wp-hackers] Link & post categories merge

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Sat Dec 2 23:45:16 GMT 2006

I decided to take some time and anwer the questions on the how-to form
that hadn't had any responses yet.  When responding to one question,
this thought came to mind:
Posit: Released versions of WordPress's wp_list_cats command have an
"issue" where a parent category having no posts will cause all children
categories with posts to be hidden.  One accepted way around this is to
change the wp_list_cats call to be wp_list_cats("hideempty=0") causing
all of the categories to be displayed.
Question:  What affect will this have after the merge?  Are all of the
blogs that use this solution going to suddenly have a bazillion extra
categories showing because there is no way to descriminate an empty post
category from a category used exclusively for links?  Or has this
already been handled?
Brian Layman
http://www.TheCodeCave.com <http://www.thecodecave.com/>  

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