[wp-hackers] URL Re-writes for WP 'Pages' or Multiple Permalinkstructures

Christopher J. Hradil chradil at comcast.net
Wed Aug 23 15:41:27 GMT 2006

One other note, the real issue, is that most of the existing 'pages' have pageranks of 7-9, so, they'd prefer if I can get WP to .html the pages coming out of WP in order to 'mimic' the old site structure, rather than re-direct to /page/ uri's since they're a bit nervous about what something like that would do to the existing page ranks. so, globally, the plan for this particular site is to get Wp to .html the "pages", then I'll force them to use the "normal" permalink structure like /2006/08/whatever for the rest of the 'blog' or dynamic portion of the site. Hence, I need to be able to feed WP two different sets of permalink structures/rules -- one for pages, and one for the rest of the site. ideally, I'd use the default "date/postname" type which I typically use. The real problem is the /pagename/ uri's (I could easily just put in /%pagename%\.html where %pagename% is a slug based on the old site's page names) in the custom permalink box, but that doesn't solve the 'proper' permalinks for the rest of the site issue. 

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