[wp-hackers] URL Re-writes for WP 'Pages' or MultiplePermalinkstructures

Christopher J. Hradil chradil at comcast.net
Wed Aug 23 15:16:56 GMT 2006

I've been thinking along these lines, as well as along the plugin kind of idea of Bogar's previous post, I don't want to add much[any] overhead to the system, so the .htaccess would likely be the best method for scaling, however, I've tried a number of iterations and you do end up with the 'multiple paths problem with the most viable (read:working) .htaccess methods, 

I've been examining classes.php pretty closely, and have also had the following thoughts;

1) Everything needed to accomplish something like this already exists within the existing WP re-writes code (eg, the %pagename% tag/slug for permalinks)
2) another 'quick and dirty' approach would be to change trailingshlashit() to .htmlit() -- everything - /category /year/month, etc would end up with .html instead of "/". 
3) could also do a plugin based on #2. 
4) the *simplest* solution (best IMO) is to find a way to feed more than one permalink structure (example, one for pages, one for archives, one for cats, etc) to the existing system. 

Christopher J. Hradil


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> well, first, from everything I've ever read on the search 
> engine methods, they couldn't care less what the 'file 
> extension' is at the end.  given that you CAN serve up 
> infinite pages seemingly with .html on the end, why would 
> search engines even bother? ;)
> second, whatever method you use, make sure it is the ONLY 
> permalink structure, and NOT multiple paths to the same 
> content.  if they are SEO obsessed, there should only be one 
> way to a given piece of content on the site.  multiple paths 
> to the same content dilutes pagerank (or, identical content 
> dilutes pagerank) from what I've seen.
> There certainly should be a way to throw .html on the end of 
> all links, and strip it or ignore it.  The htaccess file 
> should be able to do this, but that could lead to 'two paths 
> to content' if you don't do it properly... 
> i.e., you need to strip the .html off before handing over to 
> index.php, BUT you also should FAIL if a request comes in 
> that doesn't have .html on the end.  Something like that.
> -d
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> Subject: [wp-hackers] URL Re-writes for WP 'Pages' or 
> Multiple Permalinkstructures
> Dilemma -
> I have a site that I need to get EVERYTHING to end in .html 
> (simple for almost everything using a custom permalinks like 
> …%whatever%\.html, I know) problems are:
> .
> .
> .
> he's currently using either b2evolution or MT/TP for his 
> sites/clients, they're 'seo' obsessed, and for now at least 
> they want me to get everything to end in .html (which isn't a 
> bad option for some folks I guess).
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