[wp-hackers] URL Re-writes for WP 'Pages' or Multiple Permalinkstructures

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Wed Aug 23 15:03:11 GMT 2006

well, first, from everything I've ever read on the search engine methods, 
they couldn't care less what the 'file extension' is at the end.  given that 
you CAN serve up infinite pages seemingly with .html on the end, why would 
search engines even bother? ;)

second, whatever method you use, make sure it is the ONLY permalink 
structure, and NOT multiple paths to the same content.  if they are SEO 
obsessed, there should only be one way to a given piece of content on the 
site.  multiple paths to the same content dilutes pagerank (or, identical 
content dilutes pagerank) from what I've seen.

There certainly should be a way to throw .html on the end of all links, and 
strip it or ignore it.  The htaccess file should be able to do this, but 
that could lead to 'two paths to content' if you don't do it properly... 
i.e., you need to strip the .html off before handing over to index.php, BUT 
you also should FAIL if a request comes in that doesn't have .html on the 
end.  Something like that.


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Dilemma -

I have a site that I need to get EVERYTHING to end in .html (simple for 
almost everything using a custom permalinks like …%whatever%\.html, I know) 
problems are:
he's currently using either b2evolution or MT/TP for his sites/clients, 
they're 'seo' obsessed, and for now at least they want me to get everything 
to end in .html (which isn't a bad option for some folks I guess).

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