[wp-hackers] New Default Theme For 2.1

R.J. Kaplan just.be.happy at gmail.com
Thu Aug 10 03:29:56 GMT 2006

Here's what I think about all this...

a. Most themes are based on the default theme, which really doesn't  
do allot of things the simple way, so I think there should be some  
sort of bare-bones basic theme with good markup included in the  
package for themes to be based on

b. I don't think the default theme matters to much, as beautiful  
kubrick was, you kinda get bored of it when 100,000 sites use it,  
even with different header images. wordpress users should be  
encouraged to use different themes.

  c. as mentioned, wordpress is really being used by lots of non  
techie users, who find it difficult to set up themes, so how about a  
1-click theme installation from themes.wordpress.net done from the  
wordpress admin area?

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