[wp-hackers] New Default Theme For 2.1

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Thu Aug 10 02:45:38 GMT 2006

Have to say, not sure if I agree or disagree on all this... ;)

The argument could be made that WP has grown from its initial 'techie' 
audience, and while still having many technical users, there's probably just 
as many doing one-click-installs through Yahoo or other ISPs that offer it. 
Now, while you could say "well, then Yahoo should have their installation 
throw in a few neato themes", I could say "if WP just came with a few neato 
themes, wouldn't that make things easier?"

It may be time for a 'hackers version' that is 'the core', has no plugins, 
and a base hackable theme like Sandbox, versus a SECOND packaging, that has 
whatever 'the group' feels are the things a non-techie should have available 
out of the box.  I know, time to package a second zip/tar, support issues 
for non-techies, etc.  But would seem that the value proposition well 
outweighs any cost.  The non-techie version would be both directly 
downloaded AND might be what gets 'suggested' for ISPs doing 

That's a rambling idea. I know.

There's sort of two threads here.  One is the need for a simple, easy to 
learn, easy to hack, easy to style default theme.  The other is a simpler 
non-techie theme, doesn't need CSS wizardry to edit, just an admin panel 
(which, mind you, need NOT be wysiwyg like Canvas, etc...  Base color, font 
choice isn't too difficult to do via picklists and dropdowns, a preview is 
certainly possible given the Edit panel already does one...).


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| On 8/9/06, Michael B <miklb.online at gmail.com> wrote:
| > That's my point with a default theme that's structured for someone who 
| > know some HTML and CSS, but is new to the WP code structure.  Give them 
| > solid, commented theme that they can dig into.  If someone wants to 
offer a
| > WYSIWYG theme, more power to them.  But it shouldn't be default.
| Agreed, and my point entirely. Something like this is just too much to
| put into the core. Make it a seperate theme all you want, I'm sure it
| will be popular, just like K2.
| I could go on with the other reasons for not including something like
| this, but people will keep putting words in my mouth either way, so I
| give up.
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