[wp-hackers] New Default Theme For 2.1

Aaron Brazell emmensetech at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 15:14:54 GMT 2006

On 8/9/06, Dr. Mike Wendell <theapparatus at gmail.com> wrote:
> But would they though?  I mean I spend a lot of my time pointing folks
> to the WP.com FAQ blog when they ask questions in the WP.com support
> forums.  Heck, you should see it some days in the WPMU forums.  Had
> someone ask me today where their php.ini file was.

There's alot of really great resources out there for learning CSS/XHTML. As
a veteran of SitePoint, I recommend that you point people there. They are
ace in helping people learn a variety of web skills. Heck, that's where I
learned PHP, valid markup, CSS, aanmattering of other tools I use today.
Then I turned around and helped other people learn these skills too. Lots of
give and take.

I'm of the mind that WordPress can't (and should NOT) be all things to all
people). If users are impressed with the importance of learning these
skills, than support forums folks, IMHO, should be willing to put aces in
their places and let places like SPF do what they do best, while the WP
support people do what they do best in providing support for the software of

Knowledge is a dangerous weapon when you have too much of it
> sometimes.  Should I have this person start mucking around with their
> server settings?  A bull in a china shop comes to mind.  And, when
> they get lost or break something, then their going to go whining to
> either the WP support forums or to their host.  And, if they go to
> their host, then they'll see WP as too much trouble and they'll start
> banning the software.

Um, yes, but who's talking about editing php.ini here, or did I miss that
comment somewhere. Server settings and valid markup/styling are two
different animals. Besides, ini_set() works well for many of the
php.inisettings so users don't actually have to know  (have access to)
about the php.ini file

My 2cents.

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