[wp-hackers] DB connections

Aubrey Kilian aubreykilian at gmail.com
Tue Aug 8 08:08:24 GMT 2006

Hi guys,

New to the list, and will likely be lurking most of the time.

I did find the following article today though, which I'd like to see
some discussion on:


The reason I post it here is that this guy specifically mentions
Wordpress in the article, and offers some 'patches' to 'fix' the
problem.  Apparently the fix will be posted to wp-testers (I'm not on
that mailing list...).

Anyway, the article basically goes on to say that a method called
"Lazy Loading" should be used to only create a connection to the mysql
database if a query is actually executed against the database.  With
the current way that wordpress works, that would be every single page

I'm not going to summarise the article, go read for yourself. :-)

I'd just like to hear your opinion on what a possible performance hit
a change like he is suggesting (SqlConnection class, and/or content
caching...) would be on the wordpress engine...

Aubrey Kilian
Cape Town

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