[wp-hackers] Agoraki - the distributed communication mesh

Alpt alpt at freaknet.org
Mon Aug 7 21:03:05 GMT 2006


What is the best way to share your thoughts and ideas?

Actually there is no efficient way of delivering a message to the highest
number of interested users. 
This same message is the proof of the existence of the problem, in fact, it
has been sent on this mailing list/forum but it was meant to reach a higher
audience of interested people.

Agoraki tries to solve the problem.

Agoraki is system which aids the one-to-many communication, coordinating all
the single blogs, forums, mails and mailing list which are scattered all over
the Internet.

Agoraki, in its essence, is a semantic routing system which delivers a message
to the highest number of nodes interested to the message itself.

Right now, Agoraki is just an idea. You can find its full description on
Idiki: http://idiki.dyne.org/wiki/Agoraki

That's all,
spread the idea and happy hacking ^_^

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