[wp-hackers] New Default Theme For 2.1

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 8 01:58:34 GMT 2006

> I'd choose my words with more care if I were you Rob.
> That said, I've always wondered why there has been little to no updating 
> going on for Kubrick since it got into WP, it sure could use
> it.
> Aloha,
> Michael Heilemann
> http://binarybonsai.com

Not to be mean, or rude or anything.. but, like the others said though, it's 
a mess for the "noobs" when first starting out though..sigh. (I personally 
don't mind the default theme myself...though. =)  )

After tons and tons of support requests through the forums on how to fix 
that 1px footer/header shift.. how to add their own header images... how to 
adjust the fonts for the content, the links and so forth.. OMFG.. it's 
tiresome.. but, "we" were still helping them with it though..

It was just before the release of 2.0.4 that the 1px header/footer shift was 
fix.. and months and months before that.. "we/I/someone else/" came up with 
a "fix" for it.. and a few other things too.

To make this display issue(s).. go bye bye.. =)  Thank God though, that this 
is "fixed" now, and will display nicely in IE6, IE7, Firefox and Opera.. ;) 
I actually enjoyed working with it, and made up variations of it even lol.

But again, it's just too much though.. for the "noobs/new users/ " getting 
that theme by default.. and tinkering with it "out of the box" ....so to 
speak..  Also, like the other said.. I'm all for another WordPress "default" 
theme, if it might help cut down on numerous repeated support questions.. 
like sadly..the default 1.5 theme had done already..

"We/the new users"  need something a little more simplified, to just "go to 
town on"..if they want too..  ;)  =)  Not really saying, to totally scratch 
off the default 1.6 theme though.. maybe have that in there yet, like the 
Classic maybe.. give them a few various themes to tinker with if need be..

What ever theme you guys/gals agree on, will be fine with me.. =)  Again, 
the Default theme isn't *really* a bad theme at all.. I enjoyed working on 
it, and learning from it.. =)


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