[wp-hackers] "For the rest of us" theme

Charles lists06 at wiltgen.net
Tue Aug 1 18:01:43 GMT 2006

>> To Robin and Dave, obviously I'm a K2 fan, and I participated in 
>> earlier betas.  I won't be reinventing any wheels that I don't have 
>> to, but this project will target a very different class of users.
> Do you mind expanding on that?

Not at all.  K2 is a theme created by web designers for web designers (or at
least the web-savvy).  If we want to change something, we just muck about in
the files, track classes and IDs back to the CSS, change the XHTML if
necessary, and fix it.

My project is for everyone else.  If you want to change the font size/style
of your post titles, you just go to the options page and change it.  Now
just extend that philosophy to everything else you'd want to change (number
of columns, position of the sidebar(s), font sizes/styles, colors and/or
gradients, blah blah blah).  And of course, everything must work perfectly
and consistently on all modern browsers.

Hope that's helpful,

-- Charles

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