[wp-hackers] Officially supported browsers. was: SecurityatWordpress

Andrew Krespanis leftjustified at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 00:50:20 GMT 2006

On 4/27/06, David Chait <davebytes at comcast.net> wrote:
> frankly, this is impossible to do, as it is completely reliant on the theme
> and css, which (at pretty much any level) WP has no control over...

That's the whole point. Put together the list of officially supported
browsers and ensure all default WP components work as expected in
these browsers. It is then up to the individual theme/plugin
developers to ensure their contributions work in the same browsers; if
not, they can/should alert potential users.

Complete compliance shouldn't be mandatory, but if there is a list to
check against at least developers & designers know what's expected and
WP users can know what to expect when downloading plugins and themes.
Theoretically, it would be a case of "works with all WP supported
browsers unless noted otherwise".

We could easily put the list together, but it needs to be Officially
Endorsed and the cut offs need to be thought about, not just "well
that browser sucked before version X".

The AJAX features are an interesting one when considering officially
supported browsers. What version of Opera do these work with? 7? 7.5?
8? Same with Safari... last I checked tinyMCE was almost unusable in
anything less than safari 2. That shouldn't make safari 2 the minimum
req' though, as WP functions just fine without wysiwyg. I'm assuming
all the admin AJAX degrades to traditional links and form submissions
when not available? If so, the browsers that display all the CSS but
might duff the AJAX (eg: opera 7.0?) would be perfect candidates for
the Partial Support list.

IMO it's more important to work out what isn't supported and why; as
non-support and partial support are more of a legacy thing.

==No support==
Opera < 6 (perhaps < 7 ?)
Netscape < 6 ?
Konquerer < ??

==Partial Support==
IE mac (any mac users want to check out the svn build on IE?)
Opera < 8 (any of the ajax not work in 7?)
Netscape < 8
Konquerer < ?? need linux user input please :)

Just a start...


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