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Roy Schestowitz r at schestowitz.com
Sun Apr 16 01:23:18 GMT 2006

___/ On Sat 15 Apr 2006 03:50:21 BST, [ Brian Layman ] wrote : \___

>> From GAIM's page:
> [quote]
> Introduction
> Gaim is proud to participate in the Google Summer of Code. This summer
> Google is putting up $1 million dollars for students to work on free
> software projects under the mentorship of experienced free software
> developers. The Gaim developers are glad to volunteer to mentor some
> students and introduce them to the world of open-source development.
> Students may apply for the program at Google's webpage by selecting
> "Gaim" as their sponsor. Google and Gaim will then work together to
> select from the candidates. The chosen candidates will then work closely
> with Gaim developers to complete their project. Upon completion, the
> student will receive $4500 AND a tee-shirt!
> [/quote]
> Pretty sweet.  There are certainly worse ways to spend your summer
> hours...

IIRC, Google hired GAIM's lead developer a couple of months back. This
happened very much near the time when Google Talk had gone public. One
wonders how Blogspot, Blogger, and Google's most recent page construction
service (overwhelmed by demand at launchtime) serve them. While they
already commit changes to FOSS projects like Apache, any similar
contributions to wp.org would help wp.com, which probably goes head-to-head
with Blogger and Blogspot. This leads to collision of interests, which could
not be raised in last year's Summer of Code discussion in wp-hackers.

Just a thought...


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