[wp-hackers] Link Subcategories

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Wed Apr 5 23:29:54 GMT 2006

Stuart wrote:
> That doesn't really have anything to do with the original message in
> this thread, so sorry if it's off topic - I'm just continuing with the
> comment that Craig made above about how categories are being treated
> more as tags.

Categories are for those folks who organize their sock drawers.  Sick 
and wrong, I tell ya.  ;-P

I guess the new combined categories does show a tag bias.  I suppose I'm 
in a tag mindset since we've been giving wp.com a very clear tag bias. 
We have a global categories pool and encourage using them as tags.  Some 
people have over a hundred tags/cats.  If you are a tagger, the combined 
categories makes sense and is quite nice.  I had a lot of overlap 
between categories and link categories and don't miss the separation one 
bit.   If you are a taxonomist, the new system probably doesn't fit your 
old, crusty, in-need-of-a-fresh-new-look style. :-)

Let us build a bridge, link hands, and sing bad folk tunes.  How about 
this?  If a category has only links assigned to it, don't show it in the 
categories box on the post page.  If a category only has posts assigned 
to it, don't show it on the links page.  Categories that have neither 
links nor posts assigned will show up in both and wait to be claimed. 
Typing in a category name in the little create-on-the-fly widget will 
create and display the category if it doesn't already exist or just 
display the category if it does already exist.


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