[wp-hackers] Link Subcategories

Craig nuclearmoose at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 21:45:30 GMT 2006

I was discussing this in #wordpress earlier today. It seems that part of the
rationale is in making the code that much simpler, and the other is to move
WP away from categories and essentially having a tag system which offers a
lot more flexibility.

I don't claim to know this to be the truth or 100% correct, but that is what
I got out of the talk. On my own blog, I've never conceived of bookmark
categories and post categories to be shared in any way. That's just how my
mindset works; perhaps this new way will offer me some advantages that I
don't yet understand.

Regardless, I'm reserving judgement on this until I understand better the
pros and cons of the changes. For now, it simply makes my list of categories
a lot longer and I have to be a bit more diligent to select the correct
category (tag?).


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