[wp-hackers] MU Wordpress?

Robert Deaton false.hopes at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 21:12:52 GMT 2006

On 4/5/06, Chris Lott <chris.lott at gmail.com> wrote:
> A point which didn't need to be made (clearly it will be back someday)

It obviously did need to be made, otherwise there wouldn't have been a
reponse saying:

> "For some value of tomorrow." didn't seem to make sense
> to me..??

> and whose smug and sarcastic uselesness in response to a valid
> question characterizes a lot of what turns people off when they
> encounter the WP community. Imagine getting that answer to a question
> that was important to YOU?

If I didn't understand, and someone explained it to me, I wouldn't be
quite as pissed as this mail, I'd be happy that someone stepped aside
and took the time to explain something. Your anger seems to stem from
something else, if you're pissed about the way the community is, open
another thread, don't go on about it to a perfectly fine response

> There are at least a half-dozen professional, useful answers that
> ought to come to mind before what was given. After all, presumably
> "the man himself" was at least aware of-- if not responsible for-- the
> fact that a specific date was given and an implied promise
> unfulfilled, giving rise to the obvious and polite question.

And the question was answered in a not rude and sarcastic way. I
explained what was meant by "for some value of tomorrow." Where that
comes off as sarcastic, I still fail to see, but as there wasn't a
response as I skimmed the replies that explained this in a clear,
concise way, I explained it.

Perhaps your anger is slightly misdirected, it wasn't my choice that
its not fixed today, I simply explained what Matt meant in his
original response. I'm sorry my response wasn't outlined in hearts
with a wonderful "I'm so sorry its not fixed even though I have
nothing to do with the fact that its broken" apology note attached at
the top.

--Robert Deaton

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