[wp-hackers] Re: "This page" inconsistency

David Coppit david at coppit.org
Wed Apr 5 19:37:08 GMT 2006

On Wed, 5 Apr 2006, Owen Winkler wrote:

> To demonstrate using some of your code:
> $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] . "?page=" . plugin_basename(__FILE__)
> Does every server/config provide PHP_SELF?  It might be better to use 
> get_settings('home') . '/wp-admin/{actual_page_name_here}'

Odd. I tried this:

   $page_uri = $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] . "?page=" . plugin_basename(__FILE__);

and got this error:

   PHP Fatal error:  Cannot redeclare class category_order_management

but this works:

   $page_uri = $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] . "?page=" . basename(__FILE__);

Is this my fault? Do I need to guard my class with
"if (!class_exists(...))"?


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