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Scott Merrill skippy at skippy.net
Thu Sep 22 00:09:41 GMT 2005

In the #wordpress-meetup this evening we discussed support options for 
WordPress.com and WordPress MU.  Specifically the question was: should 
we at wordpress.org/support/ provide support for the .com and MU variants?

It was suggested that WordPress.com be assigned its own support forum, 
inside the wordpress.com domain.  A link to this support forum can be 
provided from the WordPress menu bar, and the wordpress.com users could 
form a community of their own, supporting one another, without causing 
undue frustration in the current WordPress support forums.

The basic idea was this:
wordpress.org/support == support for WordPress, the application
mu.wordpress.org/support == support for WordPress MU, the application
wordpress.com/support == support for wordpress.com, the hosted service

This post from Ryan:
suggests that he's thinking similarly to us, at least so far as we glean 
from that post.

So, please consider this a formal request to change the links inside 
*.wordpress.com/wp-admin/ to a wordpress.com support resource.  I think 
it's acceptable for links to the codex to remain pointing to the codex 
-- user documentation should be the same between WordPress, WordPress 
MU, and wordpress.com.


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