[wp-hackers] Hello, question on $_GET values with plugins

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You might want to try something like edit.php?page=<?php echo 
 The URL worked for me ina form POST but I didn't have to pass the GET 
parameters to it, but can't think of a reason they wouldn't work.

 On 9/15/05, Ryan M. Williams <domhnull at ryanmwilliams.com> wrote: 
> Hi all, I just joined the list because I've been working on some
> WordPress plugins. It's been going well but I've run into a small issue
> I could use help with.
> My plugin has an administrative interface under Manage which displays
> data from its table. It is essentially the same sort of interface as
> the Manage Posts page. Like that page I want to have hyperlinks 'Edit'
> and 'Delete'. So the url would include something like '?gbedit=1' where
> the number is the id number of the entry I want to edit. If I just do
> that though I end up with an url: WPURL/edit.php?gbedit=1 Adding the
> plugin filename ends up with WPURL/wp-admin/plugin.php?gbedit=1 None of
> those work of course.
> It seems like this should be simple enough but I'm having trouble
> finding out the answer. $_POST values are easy but I'm just not sure
> what to do to pass the variable on the URL so that my plugin will get
> that value.
> Any help will be appreciated.
> thanks,
> Ryan
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