[wp-hackers] Hello, question on $_GET values with plugins

Ryan M. Williams domhnull at ryanmwilliams.com
Thu Sep 15 14:37:49 GMT 2005

Hi all, I just joined the list because I've been working on some 
WordPress plugins.  It's been going well but I've run into a small issue 
I could use help with.

My plugin has an administrative interface under Manage which displays 
data from its table.  It is essentially the same sort of interface as 
the Manage Posts page.  Like that page I want to have hyperlinks 'Edit' 
and 'Delete'.  So the url would include something like '?gbedit=1' where 
the number is the id number of the entry I want to edit.  If I just do 
that though I end up with an url: WPURL/edit.php?gbedit=1  Adding the 
plugin filename ends up with WPURL/wp-admin/plugin.php?gbedit=1  None of 
those work of course.

It seems like this should be simple enough but I'm having trouble 
finding out the answer.  $_POST values are easy but I'm just not sure 
what to do to pass the variable on the URL so that my plugin will get 
that value.

Any help will be appreciated.


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