[wp-hackers] phpsuexec and .htaccess

Doug Stewart dstewart at atl.lmco.com
Tue Sep 13 12:35:38 GMT 2005

Chetan Kunte wrote:
> Hi -
> I understand the problem as I experience it myself, but as a moron (I
> don't know what I'm doing on this group), I fail to understand the
> solution. I have this problem as Podz mentioned since a long time even
> before 1.5.2.
> I've tried to update the .htaccess automatically as WP says. If I set
> 666 permissions to  .htaccess file, I get success in Wordpress (as
> Podz mentioned), but the file itself isn't updated. If I set it back
> to 644 as it normally is when any file is uploaded, I don't see the
> update button (I see if you had permissions to write, you could
> update..).
> What I normally do is that I have .htaccess set to 644 and everytime I
> create a new page, I manually re-copy the permalink code, update the
> .htaccess file offline and upload it back to the server. This is like
> taking your right hand all around the back of your head and eating it
> from the left side :)
> Matt / WP gurus, plain english please :)
I believe that the fundamental problem that Podz was encountering was 
that, since his host's webserver was incorrectly identifying itself as 
IIS (when, in fact, it's Apache), WP was taking the actions appropriate 
for IIS hosts which do _nothing_ in an Apache environment.  Thus, WP 
either needs to be coaxed into thinking that it's on Apache (correct) 
instead of IIS (incorrect) or Podz's host needs to get its act together 
and correct the server identification string.

That about sum it up?

Doug Stewart
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