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Yes it would be nice to have some kind of forum where plugin developers
could bounce ideas, exchange code, report bugs etc. off one another.
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> John Ha [c] wrote:
> >You are fast. But also right. I couldn't find Owen's contact details
> >anywhere on his site so opted to post here, since I noticed he is a
> >subscriber. My bad. Btw...you wouldn't happen to know where I should go
> >discuss WP plugin development with other plugin authors?
> >
> Excellent question.  #wordpress on Freenode is usually a good place.
> There are usually a few people there who know what they are talking
> about.  If the question is one of "I wish I could do this, but I can't,
> because WordPress needs this hook" then it would fit on this list, as it
> rather addresses the direction you'd like to see WordPress go to fit
> your needs.
> The WordPress forums [1] are more for end-user support than developer
> support.  There are many good articles on the Codex [2], but it's not
> very interactive.  I've actually been thinking that having developer
> message boards would be nice.  Mailing lists have their place, but they
> are no substitute.  #wordpress can often give you instant feedback, but
> it is transient.  Developer message boards would definitely get a vote
> from me.
> [1] http://wordpress.org/support/
> [2] http://codex.wordpress.org/
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