[wp-hackers] Atom 1.0

Mark Jaquith mark.wordpress at txfx.net
Tue Sep 6 02:52:38 GMT 2005

athias Bynens wrote:

>IMHO Atom 1.0 is a must-do upgrade.
>See <http://mathibus.com/examples/wp-atom> (add the .phps extension if
>necessary; I'm using MultiViews but IE doesn't quite seem to handle
>those very well) for my cleaned-up version of wp-atom.php, which
>(besides the cleaning up part) also adds support for categories with
>HTML in their title. I deem this to be the most perfect wp-atom.php
>out there for use on any WordPress install. Suggestions? Do let me
Think you could update it to be 1.6-friendly and submit a patch? :-)

Mark Jaquith
MCincubus @ #wordpress

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