[wp-hackers] Posting still slow

Gustavo Barron cicloid at idealabs.tk
Sun Sep 4 08:06:48 GMT 2005

Amit Gupta wrote:

> David House <dmhouse at gmail.com <mailto:dmhouse at gmail.com>> wrote:
> |  Actually, there is harm in making it optional. Filling option screens
> |  with trivial options is the fastest way to guarentee a confused user.
> |  Options should be precious and only a select few should be available.
> |  Options are so often used as a lazy way of deciding a dispute: instead
> |  of making a decision one way or another, the developers stick an
> |  option in. This is not the way it should be.
> ah well, you do have a point!! :)

But i could be still avaible trough plugins, so the little group of geek
users could still see the pinging (sequence|progress bar|animation|etc)

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