[wp-hackers] Posting still slow

Greg Elin greg at fotonotes.net
Thu Sep 1 11:28:30 GMT 2005

I like a post-post (heh) UI approach.

1) Blog post is written to database and made available...
2) User is given feedback:

         Post published. Ping listening services now?

             [ ] Yes  [ ] No  [ ] Always do this

3) Ping process starts, perhaps in a self-closing pop-up window (or  
Dom created i-Frame).

The 'when to ping servers' dialog could be javascript based, on the  
web page, or in a pop-up, or an intermediate page targeted after  

Also, maybe have a preference for when remote sites are pinged  
(though this might involve a cron...):

     a) upon posting
     b) 2x day if new posts exists



On Aug 31, 2005, at 7:17 AM, Owen Winkler wrote:

> Rob Mientjes wrote:
>> On 8/31/05, Podz <podz at tamba2.org.uk> wrote:
>>> I know that - I'm just saying what I think many people will say.
>>> Hide it, make it invisible. Do we need to know ? No - those that  
>>> want to
>>> can find out, this discussion is hardly secret, but if it starts  
>>> saying
>>> anything then I think we'll have posts saying "Hey, why is WP  
>>> rebuilding
>>> now?" and even though we are not, the parallel is there.
>> Good point. We might want it to say something different or make it
>> clear that it's a process, not give it the "rebuilding" feeling, but
>> an "uploading" feeling. Does that make sense? ;)
> Wouldn't it be better to address the delay issue directly?  There  
> is no reason why the pings must take place at the same time as the  
> posting.
> We could check for a flag in the admin header, "Are there posts  
> left to ping?" and if there are, slip an extra "stylesheet" into  
> the header that loads a separate ping engine that handles all  
> outstanding pings.
> That way, the pinging doesn't affect the post page submission at  
> all, and has only a minor impact on the subsequent page (since we'd  
> eshcew this whole shutdown function madness, which seems like a  
> good idea, but has never worked well for me), even if mod_gzip is  
> enabled.
> Owen
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