[wp-hackers] WordPress Leaks PageRank?

Roy Schestowitz r at schestowitz.com
Sat Sep 3 02:54:10 GMT 2005

___/ On Sat 03 Sep 2005 02:09:42 BST, [Firas D.] wrote : \___

> Mathias Bynens wrote:
>> What might be a good solution, is the use of a new IRI design for
>> feeds and trackbacks. I'm currently using this on my site:
>> http://domain.ext/archive/yyyy/mm/post-slug
>> -> feed: http://domain.ext/syndicate/yyyy/mm/post-slug
>> -> trackback: http://domain.ext/trackback/yyyy/mm/post-slug
>> I don't need to tell you my robots.txt contains the following:
>> User-agent: *
>> Disallow: /syndicate/
>> Disallow: /trackback/
>> How cool is that?

That's an excellent idea. A shame that many blogs out there still have their
PageRank diluted due to (?trackback and) feed URL's...

> From a web architecture standpoint, that's a step backwards, if WP 
> were to adopt it... ideally there should only be one uri per item and 
> what's returned (atom, rss, xhtml, pingback uri, etc) would be 
> determined by the request HTTP headers.
> <snip />

That's also a valid point. It need to be done carefully though. I once 
?from_rss to all URL's contained within feeds in order to perform some
temporary tracking. Little did I know that my feeds were getting 
indexed and so
did the URL?from_rss variants, which meant that I had duplicate (up to 
3) pages
indexed for each entry (%#@!). After some discussion, I immediately 
reverted to
the older version and flushed the duplicates.

I suspect that if HTTP headers were used, the case would be different, 
but I am
not too familiar with that functionality... not enough to comment on it 


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