[wp-hackers] improving the_excerpt()

"Choan C. Gálvez" choan.galvez at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 15:47:21 GMT 2005

Amit Gupta escribió:
> another thing that I just remembered. the current the_excerpt() strips 
> out HTML tags & then creates a summary of the post to be displayed if 
> none is specified. Now that creates quite a bit of problem for some 
> people(including myself) who use any of the code hiliting plugins etc. 
> since then the code looks like plain text & a bit ugly. Now, what I was 
> asking is, has it been taken care of? I mean an excerpt created without 
> ripping out the HTML tags? I know this will be a bit difficult & tricky, 
> but then, thats what our job is, some RegEx checks would have to be made 
> to be sure of cutting the text on the point where the the last opened 
> tag is closed.
> any suggestions?

Yep. I've developed a function, called XHTMLexcerpt that trims any HTML 
string to X words, closing any open tags after that, appending "..." or 
any string you want if content is longer, and blah blah.

Based on that function I did a plugin, which I cannot send to you 
because it's sleeping at home (and currently I'm at the office).

Please send me a private email to choan.galvez at gmail.com if you are 
interested in receiving the code.


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