[wp-hackers] improving the_excerpt()

Amit Gupta wp at igeek.info
Sun Oct 23 19:36:36 GMT 2005

another thing that I just remembered. the current the_excerpt() strips 
out HTML tags & then creates a summary of the post to be displayed if 
none is specified. Now that creates quite a bit of problem for some 
people(including myself) who use any of the code hiliting plugins etc. 
since then the code looks like plain text & a bit ugly. Now, what I was 
asking is, has it been taken care of? I mean an excerpt created without 
ripping out the HTML tags? I know this will be a bit difficult & tricky, 
but then, thats what our job is, some RegEx checks would have to be made 
to be sure of cutting the text on the point where the the last opened 
tag is closed.

any suggestions?

Amit Gupta
http://igeek.info/  ||  http://blog.igeek.info/
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