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Amit Gupta wp at igeek.info
Thu Oct 27 11:36:48 GMT 2005

Firas D. <fd at firasd.org> wrote:
|  This is disingenous, as you're well aware. Modern, usable 
|  do not require manuals to be read. Nobody reads manuals unless they
|  absolutely need to.
yeah, you are right, non-techy users especially just run away from long
& detailed manuals & they don't look over twice on a small 1 page 
I doubt I myself have read any manual except that of PHP!! ;)

|  Anyway. WP currently lets you open new windows, but in a noncompliant
|  manner for some DTDs. The choices are to:
|  a) Let it be; keep using the HTML attribute to open links in new
|  windows, letting people who declare an incompatible DTD be invalid.
|  b) Update the behavior to a js solution using the rel attribute, or a 
|  c) Remove the functionality altogether from the link manager.
|  People arguing that it's not a good thing at all should clarify their
|  position to one of the above proposals (or one I've overlooked).

I agree. what we are discussing is not "whether to force links in new 
or not". the original point of this thread was to remove the 
usage of the "target" attribute in the links & instead use a javascript
replacement. so if the user wants any link to open in new window, they 
simply choose the new window option as they do now but instead of using
the "target" attribute, WordPress simply tags the link's relation as 
or something identifiable which can be made to open in new window via
javascript. this way, the author/admin has the option of having links 
opened in
new window or not, its their blog, let them decide!! ;)

Amit Gupta
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