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Amit Gupta wp at igeek.info
Wed Oct 26 13:42:18 GMT 2005

Owen Winkler <ringmaster at midnightcircus.com> wrote:
|  That script doesn't integrate well with the admin and uses passthru()
|  calls to execute shell commands on the server, which is not 
|  since it doesn't work on every server.

yes, it uses passthru() but I didn't know it doesn't work with every 
server, since I've it running on 2 Linux servers & worked fine at first 
no problems at all.

|  In what way do you suppose that the options in that script are better
|  organized than those in Skippy's backup plugin?  For novice users,
|  wp-db-backup is much more succinct, and doesn't allow them to execute
|  arbitrary (therefore possibly corrosive) queries against their 

I'm not comparing the two plugins, both work well for me & I use both of 
on different blogs. what I meant when I suggested a look at that hack 
was that
in Skippy's plugin, everything's on one page, while in that hack, 
functions were on different tabs & a bit more organised. Makes the 
novice user
feel comfortable when he sees all the options at top in the sub-menu 
instead of
scrolling down for different options.

Its really a personal preference I'd say, but then, I didn't say that we 
need to do
that, its just that it looked better to me & I suggested a look at it.

|  I take personal offense to the idea that a robust backup script is 
|  hard to implement.

Please excuse my somewhat limited linguistic skills but I don't 
you!! why is it a personal offense to you when said that its not hard to
implement? I don't know about Skippy's plugin but that hack backs up all 
the database with the "mysqldump". what's hard in that? yes ofcourse a
compatibility check has to be done whether the operating system & PHP
(for older versions?) will support it properly or not.

Amit Gupta
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