[wp-hackers] Register WordPress lists at Gmane (was Re: Latest 1.6 nightly - options-*.php hosed?)

Martin Geisler mgeisler at mgeisler.net
Wed Oct 26 05:54:41 GMT 2005

Carthik Sharma <carthik at gmail.com> writes:

> Doug,
> This list might not be the appropriate place to discuss forthcoming
> release issues. Please use wp-testers for the same.
> Just a friendly reminder, is all :)

Could someone please register the wp-testers list (and all other
WordPress lists for that matter) with Gmane?

At the moment it's only this list which is there:


Having the other lists there too would be very nice since I find it
much more convenient to read mailinglists through Gmane.  (And I have
a strange problem where the SMTP server of my ISP silently drops mails
I send to SF... see http://mgeisler.net/im-bad-im-a-dynamic-user/ if
you're interested.  This basically means that I'm very dependent on
this news-to-mail gateway.)

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