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Matthew Thomas mpt at myrealbox.com
Wed Oct 26 00:07:57 GMT 2005

On 25 Oct, 2005, at 6:04 PM, Denis de Bernardy wrote:
>> specification, the GET method is defined as a Safe Method
>> which "SHOULD NOT have the significance of taking an action
>> other than retrieval."
> maybe the spec writers smoke pot? I mean... I can name no site that 
> tracks visitors using the POST method. and many sites, such as amazon, 
> change the returned content based on past user interactions...

     3.1.3 Side-effects do not Imply Unsafe Interactions

     Some user interactions cause side effects (i.e., they change the
     state of the server) but are safe interactions. When a server is
     configured to count and display the number of visitors to a
     site, each user interaction increments a counter. Users do not
     commit themselves to anything through this sort of interaction,
     so it is safe.


Matthew Paul Thomas

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