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inforequest ai6bois02 at sneakemail.com
Tue Oct 25 20:51:21 GMT 2005

Jason Bainbridge jbainbridge-at-gmail.com |wordpress hackers list 
092004| wrote:

>On 10/25/05, Jason S <jason at zenenet.com> wrote:
>>Doesn't Google Accelerator 'click on every link' to prefetch all pages
>>linked from the current one?
>>i.e. doesn't this run the risk of deleting a user, submitting a blank
>>post, changing the theme, enabling/disabling plugins, or something else
>>retardedly retarded?
>Please read http://webaccelerator.google.com/webmasterhelp.html before
>jumping to wild unfounded conclusions.
>Jason Bainbridge
>http://kde.org - webmaster at kde.org
>Personal Site - http://jasonbainbridge.co

The "new" GWA is not announcing itself in the header, thus the 403 
method won't work and the problem is more serious than might be assumed 
based on a read of the document you so thoughtfully referenced. It seems 
Google has not updated that webpage in some time.


-=john andrews

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