[wp-hackers] PHP Sessions and Wordpress

ml_wordpress at copperleaf.org ml_wordpress at copperleaf.org
Tue Oct 25 00:30:44 GMT 2005

Ashwin Bihari wrote:

> On 10/24/05, *Bill Smith* <ml_wordpress at copperleaf.org 
> <mailto:ml_wordpress at copperleaf.org>> wrote:
>     I'm working on a plugin and was considering using php sessions for
>     holding some info. Are there any issues with using sessions in a wp
>     plugin? I searched the support forum and found a few questions but no
>     real answers.
>     Thx,
>     Bill
>  Bill,
> What sort of information and what would be the side-effect of having 
> those cookies deleted from a user's browser? Would they notice or need 
> to care? Would your plugin just re-create the cookie with whatever 
> information it need to store? How would you guess what was the 
> previous information?
> What happens if a person has disabling setting cookies in their browser?
> Just a few questions for you to answer before you proceed..:)
Basically I was planning on using the session as a clipboard for 
cut/copy/paste functionality of objects. Since it's a clipboard, a house 
cleaning of the session cookie isn't a big deal. Since it's for the 
admin interface of the plugin, I'm not that worried about cookies being 
disabled either. 1) Sessions can be supported without cookies (although 
how well that would work with WP would have to be tried), 2) the 
functionality lost is minimal. I wrote  a test plugin that stored values 
in the session and it appeared to work, however, there were posts on the 
support forum indicating that it could be a problem. I thought I'd check 


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