[wp-hackers] The next release.

Douglas Daulton apakuni at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 05:38:24 GMT 2005

To clarify my previous post, I think that the folks that do the majority of
the work can and should drive the direction of the project.  I've been down
the "try to please everyone, but please no one" path on other OSS projects.

Matt says that 1.6 will look a lot like WordPress.com.  If WP.com will roll
out new functionality, then great.  I think that will generate lots of
useful feedback.  The only thing I'd add is a subdomain called something
like testdrive.wordpress.com.  This would be a place where folks could test
out wordpress.com without having to have an invite.  Maybe goes against the
google-like coolness of the invite, not sure.

Finally, Owen mentioned that most of the UI changes would be reversible via
a relative simple plug-in.  How hard would it be to bake that change in and
add it as an option on the General options tab?  Something like this ...

Which user interface do you prefer?  [] Classic  [] Next-Gen

Keep up the good work everyone.  Settling into my new house this next couple
of weeks.  After that, I hope to actually start contributing code for
consideration ... rather than just opinions! :D 

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