[wp-hackers] The next release.

Owen Winkler ringmaster at midnightcircus.com
Sun Oct 23 22:14:20 GMT 2005

This discussion is very strange.
Yes, there have been a lot of changes to the admin in 1.6, and not 
everyone fancies them.

Most of the UI changes are reversable, though, it's just that nobody has 
written a plugin to reverse them yet.  All you should need to do is 
prevent sack.js, fat.js, and dbx.js from being included, and set the 
WYSI editor to "off" and you've mostly got the old interface.  I can't 
imagine it's more than 30 minutes of coding, and can all be done inside 
a plugin.

If warning current users that there are radical changes to the admin UI 
is something we're inclined toward, then I don't think it's reasonable 
to expect anyone to post "Don't download WordPress 1.6 because you won't 
like the admin" on the WordPress.org download page.

What would be useful is a clear suggestion of what *should* appear on 
the WordPress site to inform users of the changes that will occur when 
they upgrade, both in the interface and the data structures.

I suggest that complaints about features of the WYSI that don't work 
(I've seen a few myself) and any other verifiable/reproducible issues go 
into Trac so that the 1.7 release can include the fixes, if not 1.6.  A 
list of plugins and the version numbers that break after upgrading to 
1.6 should go into Codex.  If we can otherwise better inform upgraders 
of what will affect them upon upgrading, we should do so.


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