[wp-hackers] The next release.

Podz podz at tamba2.org.uk
Sun Oct 23 11:13:24 GMT 2005

Andy Skelton wrote:
> Podz, I'd like to know more specifically what bothers these people
> about 1.6. This is a bit too vague for anyone to do anything about it.

I have asked for specific feedback from some people, but what I 
suggested was that people be warned - that's all. Advised that there are 
a LOT of changes. Most people don't care about the code and how 
streamlined it is, how many queries have been eliminated etc etc etc. 
They do care about the UI - and in 1.6 the two areas most used have been 
totally remade with no way at all of reverting that change.

This list is frequented by those that 'do' code, who like all the shiny 
stuff, who want to get all the latest tricks - the forums are used by 
people who will say "How do I do this ?" "Where has xxx gone ?" - do you 
know how tedious it's going to be to trot out the same explanations time 
after time after time ? (Cue response: write the docs then.)

For people who have been with WP, you are not just improving the code, 
you are stripping the backend, changing not only it's makeup but 
everything else about it. You may be familiar with it - the average 
blogger is not - and they will be the ones seeking help. Again.

I want the coders to make forum life easier. Given that no-one I've so 
far dealt with says "Look at that Write screen, it's just SO intuitive" 
I will not be holding my breath.


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