[wp-hackers] The next release.

Douglas Daulton apakuni at gmail.com
Sun Oct 23 07:22:17 GMT 2005

Has anyone considered putting up a live, public demo of the new release
after each RC milestone is reached?  Then, announce it for feedback from the

Yes, it opens a huge can of worms, but it can let devs know if they are
heading down a potentially problematic path.  It does not mean devs need to
accommodate every concern.  But, if 90% of the community raises an alarm, it
might be worth listening to.

This is a way to give folks a preview without their having to download and
install it, which as Podz indicates most do not do anyway.


On 10/22/05 7:43 PM, "Podz" <podz at tamba2.org.uk> wrote:

> Andy Skelton wrote:
>> Podz, I would happily submit a patch adding some language to the upgrade
>> script:
>> "We're sure you'll be happy with the upgraded version of WordPress but
>> we feel obligated to tell you that the upgrade is irreversible. Please
>> back up your database and files before continuing."
>> This language will probably bring even more questions to the forum,
>> but they will at least questions rather than complaints. How do you
>> like this suggestion?
> I - like many people on this list I'm sure - look after a number of
> installs for people. I installed 1.6 recently in response to a question
> from one of those people. 3 others have seen that install and played
> with it. Not one will be upgrading right now.
> They dislike the admin screen, the FAT and that is not outweighed by
> other factors. If someone does not have multiple users, then the
> altering of that part of the code means nothing to them.
> The addition of the image uploading might assist one of those 4, but the
> other 3 people ? They still will not upgrade because the end result -
> words on a screen - is made worse by the admin changes. They do not like
> "the experience". The admin screen has not really changed since 1.0.1 -
> this a huge departure.
> The admin screen was posted about before and IIRC Skippy posted an
> alternative - that thread was ignored and died.
> There are users - not geeks, not coders, just regular people - who may
> not like what appears after clicking "Upgrade" - and given that those
> people have been WP users and supporters, I do not see it as being a Bad
> Thing to be honest and open about what has changed.
> (And while I'm on about the Admin - why can't the excerpt be above the
> post area ? It comes first ?)
> P.
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