[wp-hackers] Plugin Development Request: gada.be

Chris Pirillo chris at lockergnome.com
Mon Oct 17 02:45:54 GMT 2005

> WordPress has a seriously kick-ass tagging plugin called ultimate tag
> warrior (http://www.neato.co.nz/ultimate-tag-warrior/), and I do think
> the best way to pursue this would be as an option in UTW of how to
> output the tags.

I'll try to get ahold of the developer of that one, too.

> Interestingly, technorati extracts tags from the stuff at the end of a
> url, eg <link rel="tag">foo.com/bar/whatever</a>mytag</a> becomes tagged
> as 'whatever'. Since your engine puts the tags--so to speak--as
> hostnames (ie. http://tag.gada.be/), they won't work as technorati tags.
> I'm not sure whether this is technorati's problem or yours, but it's
> easy to fix by letting searches to gada.be/tag redirect to tag.gada.be.

I've been discussing this with S. Siram as of late. Most likely, we need a
new way of defining where the tag sits inside the URL. I kinda broke the
mold, accidentally.


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