[wp-hackers] Plugin Development Request: gada.be

Jon Abad jonabad at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 01:15:15 GMT 2005

Hi Chris,
I saw your request for a plugin and have been working on it but I'm 
pretty green when it comes to string parsing so my methods for coming up 
with a suitable way to make a gada.be url aren't working all that well. 
Right now, my design involves adding a <gadabe> tag and quickbutton to 
wordpress so that any keywords that are surrounded by that will be 
turned into a proper gada.be search link.

I saw that the IE bookmarklet calls something called searchParse.php in 
order to generate the appropriate url and was wondering if you should 
send me the appropriate code snippet to go from a keyword or phrase to url.

Jon Abad

Chris Pirillo wrote:

>>Maybe I'm just thick, but I've clicked all over gada.be, the drupal and
>>everitz pages, and have no idea what this plugin is supposed to do...
>>besides "integrate your site with the new gada.be <http://gada.be/>
>>metasearch service, just by using template tags to provide links right
>>on your entry pages!" which is basically jargon. Links to what?
>>Nice work on the site, by the way!
>Think of it as an alternative to tagging to Technorati. The MT plugin goes
>as far as to let the user add a slug to the end of a keyword to output that
>particular URL (several options are listed on the http://gada.be/about
>page). Does that provide any clarification?
>Thanks for looking. ;)
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